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My first three teachers are social studies teachers. I really thought it would be language arts... I offered the Kindle to Language Arts and Social Studies teachers first because I feel it would be easier to work with them. Three Social Studies teachers, 1 6th grade and 2 7th grade, have answered the call.

The sixth grade teacher wants to use the Kindles as an enrichment/extension activity. The students would read and comment on The Lightning Thief after completing a study on Ancient Greece. They would do a comparison of the Greek Mythology presented by Rick Riordan and what they've learned.

The seventh grade teachers would use the Kindles to enhance their Asian studies unit. One would use it for one of his literature circle groups in one class. We would modify the lit circle jobs and load them on the Kindles also. We would then compare students using the printed materials to those using the electronic materials. We would use The Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior by Chris Bradford. The other teacher does a study on China. We normally use The Good Earth but I haven't found a Kindle version of this yet. We are looking for a comparable book to use.

I'm still waiting on responses from some teachers...

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Comment by Will DeLamater on May 21, 2010 at 4:03pm
I can't find either of those texts in ebook format, Kindle or otherwise. I am surprised about the Pearl Buck title because it is a classic, and about the Bradford title because it is new. I guess at this point I have more hope for the Bradford, since they can make money if it gets popular. Not sure how many copies of The Good Earth are sold anymore. I am excited to hear about the interest of social studies teachers, as I see many great supplemental resources they can use in ebook format in those units.

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