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Well, my school has decided to take the plunge (in the shallow end of course) for implementing Nooks as a 1:1 device starting with our Freshman next year.  We started this adventure this school year by purchasing Nooks for all teachers and classroom sets (30) for each of our English classes.  It has been an adventure so far, with most of the challenges coming from managing the devices.  We decided not to go B&N managed in order to keep the 1:6 title ratio, but I can tell you that it is sometimes difficult to manage 120 student devices that have to be manipulated on an individual basis.  My school currently has around 260 Macbooks for a student population of around 500. We had intended to go 1:1 with those, but funding is what it is so we decided to look at a more cost effective option.  We really like having the Nooks so far, and B&N has been AWESOME to work with.  Our community relations person is really great and even came to my school for 8 hours to help me set up the devices initially. Any advice out there in cyberville would be greatly appreciated!

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Comment by Will DeLamater on March 8, 2013 at 3:20pm

Very cool, and congratulations. Join the Nook group and send a request out to them for help and you will find some really great folks. Thanks for posting!!

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