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Here at Southwestern, all of the HS libraries own Kindles that we load and then lend out just like books. We will NOT be using WhisperCast, since it would prevent us from using the cost effective 1:6 ratio. Also, we were not interested in our District managing our Kindles for us, as we feel we understand the mission and purpose of each of our school libraries better than they do. So we were planning on not using WhisperCast anyway, the keeping of the 1:6 ratio was a bonus, as we had been told that would go away with Amazon's new policies.

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Comment by Liz Bode on May 6, 2013 at 10:30am

Thanks, first we were told that they were discontinuing the 1:6 ratio, then after three months we were told that as long as we did not use WhisperCast we could continue the 1:6, so we are going with that and not looking back. Amazon is probably too large and has way too many people handing our directives, because in that three month time we got several different answers to our question of could we continue or not. But as I said we finally got the answer we wanted, that satisfied our district, in writing, so we are going to continue with the 1:6 for as long as we can.

Comment by Will DeLamater on May 3, 2013 at 12:00pm

Excellent points, and thanks for posting! You are so right about the character of each library being reflected in how it approaches resources like this. Does anyone know if Amazon has changed its terms of service to make the 1:6 option "illegal"?

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