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Launched a 2nd Grade Pilot Kindle Program Today!

Based on the success of our middle school Kindle program (each of our 8th grade students now have their own Kindle to use for their Literature class plus our 7th graders are using Kindles in their Literature class as well) I had wanted to see how we could use the Kindles in the lower grades.

I recently read in The Reading Teacher Magazine, an article by Lotta C. Larson, "Digital Readers: The Next Chapter in E-Book Reading and Response." I did a bit of searching to see what else she had written and found at ReadWriteThink.org an excellent lesson plan she had written! The lesson plan was for grades 2-4. The name of the lesson was: " Going Digital: Using e-Book Readers to Enhance the Reading Experience." It was like I discovered GOLD!!! Following the proper channels, it was decided we would pilot this program in the K-4 building using this lesson plan with a group of 5 second grade students.

After a few meetings with the second grade teacher, she recommended using the ebook, Thanksgiving on Thursday, part of the Magic Tree House Series, by Mary Pope Osborne.

It was a very exciting day today with these 5 students! Prior to my teaching lesson this morning with the students, their teacher gave them a brief orientation over the past three days. You should have seen their bright eager faces today!

The main teaching ideas and hands-on experiences I taught these students today were the following:

1. Turning the device on.

2. Familiarizing the students with the home page screen.

3. How to access the book from the home page.

4. Discussed the location feature and how it was different from "pages in a book."

5. How to use the font size feature.

6. How to use the dictionary feature.

7. How to use the highlighting feature.

Once all of this orientation was done the 5 students read the first page to themselves. After they were done reading I asked each of them what they thought what sentences were most important. Each student shared their ideas. We decided as a group what sentences we were going to highlight and why. After they highlighting was completed I had them go back to the home page. At the home page I pointed out the "My Clippings" that had now been added. I asked them to use the five way cursor to open up My Clippings. I had them read what was mentioned. They noticed the title of the book, the sentences they highlighted, the day & time they were highlighted, and the location of the highlighted sentences.

All of this took us approximately 35 minutes.

I asked each student to tell me what they liked most today using the Kindle. Here are their responses:

Jenna: "I liked the highlighting feature!"

Braelen: "I liked reading on the Kindle!"

Reese: "I liked that I could change the font size!"

Julianna: "I learned that it was a small computer!"

Amber: "I liked the highlighting feature!"

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Comment by Will DeLamater on May 12, 2011 at 10:41am
If you have the Kindles in your possession and you have registered them with Amazon, just go to your "Manage My Kindle" page and a default email address will have been assigned to each Kindle. For example, if you named them "EvanKindle1" and EvanKindle2" and so forth, the email address may very well be the same, e.g. "evankindle1@kindle.com." Check the "manage My Kindle" page.
Comment by Evan Schwartz on May 11, 2011 at 9:06pm
Very important question...73 school kindles how can I attach email addresses to each one? What website can I sign up for 73 email addresses so that each kindle has an email address. They are not going to students or teachers to keep just to borrow, so they need a generic email address for each of them. Please help
Comment by Kathleen Parker on November 12, 2010 at 4:29pm
Hi Sarah,
Yes, it is working quite well for the teacher and the students. Whenever they highlight something they have to share with the group WHY they highlighted a word, phrase or a character's name. Makes them think.
Comment by Sarah Kinder on November 12, 2010 at 4:23pm
This is fabulous! What a great way to introduce highlighting - obviously the kids loved it!

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