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We just received 6 Nook Tablets as a grant for our elementary school.   I would appreciate some advice on recommended books for second and third graders reading anywhere from primer to fourth grade level.  It is difficult finding the levels on B&N website, especially the free books where you can also find middle school material on the same "kids books" listing.  I would appreciate any input.

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Hi,  I've noticed the same thing.  It is difficult to search for children's books on their website.  So far, we have downloaded some Beverly Cleary books and we are looking at some of the Frog and Toad books.  However, these aren't free.  It seems there are fewer books available for students who are reading, but not longer chapter books yet.

Dear Joyce,

I am a NYC public school library teacher. We are in the process of trying to decide which ereader to go with (Nook, KIndle or iPad) But in regards to choosing books I checked with each grade level and with our literacy coach for lists and shopped by book title. It took a little more time and or course the books that I wanted were not free but at least I was able to make a bookshelf for each grade that matched the levels found in the classrooms. Some of the free books I downloaded but then I had to move them around a little or in some cases just delete them. You don't need that many books  to start with and once you get started it does become easier.

It's so great that so many of us are trying this. I love it. And believe it or not I have not seen a decrease in reading or children not picking up a "book". Our children seem to flow back and forth between the ereaders and just a regular book.

Wishing you and your children "happy reading" and I hope that this helped.


Patricia Sanabria


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