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I have officially gotten my pilot off the ground and checked out three Kindles to students today from the library.  They have returned a user agreement (see attachment) acknowledging their responsibilities and liability should something happen to the device, and I have a growing hold list of students.  I am only checking out the Kindles to students who are participating in our Battle of the Books and have only loaded those titles. 


As students bring the Kindles back, I would like to have them complete a survey on their reading experiences:  their impressions, the features they used, whether they felt that they read faster or slower or more or less, etc.  Have any of you ever conducted such a survey or have some ideas about questions to include?  I have started this Kindle pilot as part of my professional growth option this year, so I need to produce some data!  Thanks for your thoughts.


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We have ordered three Nooks and they are scheduled to arrive later this week. I have worked with the data facilitator in my building. We looked at NECAP scores for our students. We chose three students with different levels of NECAP's; above average, average and below average. I also made sure I chose students who don't generally check out a lot of library books. We will be giving them weekly tests AIMS-Web to track their fluency and comprehension to see if using the Nooks make a difference.

What are a few of the titles you have on the Kindles? I am about to purchase our first six Kindles and want to add a couple middle school titles right away.

Right now I have three boys using the Nooks. I have loaded Hunger Games, Lost Hero, Alabama Moon and Wildfire Run.



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