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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Have any of you been asked by a teacher or Tech Director about including links to apps (856 (Location and Access)) in your MARC records for the Nook or Kindle tablets that you have cataloged? If so, and if you have done this, would you mind sharing your experiences?

Is the extension to download a free magazine for a Kindle (Android) device .apk (does the extension remain .apk as it is for downloading)? How have you found the app's file name and path to enter into an 856 field in a MARC record? Is this even possible and/or worthwhile?

In the district where a teacher and tech director are asking this, they are using the Destiny Quest mobile app for Destiny Library Manager and have print magazines cataloged and thought it would be neat to link to some free magazine apps from the catalog to launch the app from within the catalog's mobile app to provide more access/information. I'd recommend labelling the link that the item is for a specific device. Is this a road worth going down? Is it worth even adding a note to point searchers to Newstand for magazines they can access for free?

Just curious is anyone else has been asked about this.



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