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Do you ever have a question and you think you know the answer but you have to ask it out loud or in an email to a group? I have one. I have a Kindle Fire that circulates to employees. The account on the Kindle is under our secretary's name because she has the credit card we used to buy the device and the books on the device. An employee would like to check out the Kindle Fire and put her email on it to see what it looks like and how it works. Can she do this or would it mess up the secretary's account? Thank you.

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I believe she has 2 options 1. She can do a hard reset to the user account on the device and load up whatever she likes from her own amazon account. Then when the secretary gets the device back she can reset the device from the other user's profile and reload her content. 2. She can just set up an additional microsoft exchange account on the device for her own account. The other employee would be able to see the secretary's account, though, unless she resets her own password or deletes her own exchange account.

Option 1 above allows the other employee to explore the device free of any user preferences the secretary may have set up and option 2 gives the employee access only to Kindle titles the secretary has already purchased & installed on the device.


Thank you Kathleen. I think I would suggest Option 2 to the employee because seeing the titles of the books on the device is what I want her to be able to do. I haven't used the Kindle Fire (or any Kindle) personally. Is it difficult to create another email exchange account?

Nope. Just follow the directions in the link above. 

Sorry! I didn't see the link the first time. I will let the employee know that she can add her email account.


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