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I am about ready to let employees check out a Kindle and a Nook Touch each with books I've purchased from our budget. Now, someone has mentioned to me that although the books are copyright protected it may not be ok since the e-reader does not fall under copyright but does come with a license agreement. Can someone tell me what you know about this? Is it ok to let someone check out an e-reader? I know I'm not the first person to do this so there has probably been discussion but I was not involved since I just recently purchased the e-readers. Thank you for your advice!

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Hi, Judy!


Buffy Hamilton has been doing this at her school and has been very helpful to many of us.  Check out the Kindle section of her library website, The Unquiet Library:  http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/kindles

There are forms and policies and lots of good stuff!



Traverse City

The ALA's Office for Information Technology Policy released a pretty thorough FAQ document about e-books last week. Question 8 briefly addresses the licensing issue. Basically the answer is that the licensing issues are unclear.
Thank you! I will check out the ALA FAQ on e-books.
Another interesting article about libraries, e-books, and copyright: "What libraries can do when they buy an ebook"


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