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I purchased 3 Kindles for my elementary school (PreK-6) library.  So far, I have only loaned the Kindles to teachers, so that they could get used to them, and the kids could see them being used.  Ultimately, I would like to check them out to reluctant or marginal readers, but I am curious as to how other elementary school faculty are using them with their students.

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We have 2 Nooks in our library.  Right now, the teachers have signed up for both of them during their reading time to use for classroom novels.  It is a reward for most of them to let the kids use them, but the kids are getting used to them and seeing how to use them under adult supervision.  A 5th grade teacher has them 1st thing in the morning and then one of her students delivers the Nooks to the 4th grades.  The only books I have purchased so far have been the classroom novels.


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