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I am a high school special education teacher who teaces tenth grade English.  My director informed me that she may be able to purchase a class set of Kindles for me for next year.  I have a Kindle for personal use but I am unsure of where to begin to set up a class set.  Can anyone help me?  Thanks so much!



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Ivelesse, you might want to check with Kathy Parker (search for her on this Ning). She has been through this process. Also, Buffy Hamilton has lots of resources on this topic at The Unquiet Librarian blog. Sounds like a great opportunity!
We just finishing charging our 20 Kindles and now we have to register them.  Not sure how this process will proceed as this is new to our district, too.  I will have to check out Kathy Parker as we were following Buffy Hamilton's resources and she also mentions Kathy.

I have just started the process of ordering and setting up 48 color Nooks.  I was so relieved when I found this site.  Keep us posted on your progress, Ivelysse.  I'm sure I am not the only one who will benefit from your insight.


We found it very easy to set up our Kindles and purchase books for them following Buffy Hamilton's resources.  She's terrific!  We added the Kindles as equipment into Destiny, too, but haven't decided how to handle the ebooks we've purchased from Amazon on them.  Has anyone added the ebooks to their catalog and how?


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