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I am about to let my 6 Nooks circulate with fifth grade students. I called B&N about the following concerns - they do not have an answer, I am wondering how you are dealing with it:


1. I would like to block students' access to settings. "Shop" is password protected; however, they can still wipe out the Nook.


2. Automatic downloads. Sample books are automatically downloaded from B&N. I would rather that they weren't. The content is not necessarily appropriate for my young students. Nothing is radically inappropriate, but I would still rather that it didn't happen!


3. Email - I can get rid of the email button. (You hold down the button and then you have the option to not let it show.) 


4. Social Networking Apps - don't necessarily want them at this point to have access to FB or Twitter. Again, I THINK I can delete that app from showing.


5. Question about notes - If a student creates notes on a book, it will be there when the next student reads the book. Do I want that? How do I prevent that from happening?


THANK YOU GROUP for any help or insight!


~Karen Kliegman



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Karen, great questions. You might want to send out a message to the Nook Group so they will all see your questions. Paula O'Rourke up in MA is doing something similar. You might want to DM her through the Ning. If I find any answers I will let you know!

I don't think settings can be locked, as far as I know.   I know what you mean by the "erase and deregister" setting being available.  It all comes to down to how much you trust the students who are checking out.

If you keep the Wi-Fi turned off (and have students agree to that in a permission form), I don't think they can download samples or use the e-mail/Facebook/Twitter/Nook Friends functions.  I don't know if there is a way to "lock down" the settings, but again, you can have students agree not to mess with them.  I'm loaning out Nook Simple Touch devices to 5th graders, and I'm trusting them that when they sign the permission form, they (and their parents), know what they are agreeing to. 

As for the notes, unless the student erases it, it would still be there.  I would love if B&N had a "delete all notes/bookmarks in all books" function.  I'm not really promoting that function, though, so I'm trusting that even if the students find it, they won't put anything inappropriate in there.


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