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I know many people are considering using the iPad as an e-reader. From what I have garnered from discussions it seems as though you would not go with an iPad if the main goal is to read books. The iPad, however, is a great tablet and has so many uses but reading does not seem at the top of the list. I have the Nook Color and, at a pound, it is already a bit heavy. The iPad weighs half a pound more than the NC and this does not seem conducive to reading for long periods of time.


I've heard comments that the color, graphics, etc. would be great for young readers but I still think that the weight and size of the iPad would make me trepidatious about buying several for young students.


Believe me, someday I will probably have an iPad for personal use having been an Apple user since the first Mac. I just don't feel convinced that iPads should be purchased in quantity for students if the priority is reading. The cost may also be prohibitive. The Nook Color is half the price of the lower end iPad and it does a lot. But for student use a Nook, Kindle or one of the many other devices would be fine too.Just wondering what others think!?



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