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Converting an old card catalog cabinet into an eReader cabinet.

Don't throw away your old card catalog cabinet with drawers - it makes a perfect storage and charging cabinet for your eReaders!

I took a few pics of our conversion and I posted them on a simple web page:


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Best idea I've seen yet!  My husband took some drawers and gave them a new face and a new cabinet to make them holders for CDs and DVDs. But this is just great. Less work and so nice looking.



How cute! I just refurbished one of mine to hold office supplies, but I still have two more. Only six Kindles, but maybe I can get more and fill another one of my card catalogs.

Thanks for sharing this.

Wow! That looks great! I like my mobile cabinet since it goes out to classrooms, but for storage in the library that's great!

Any ideas for microfiche cabinets?


Dear Lynn,

Although this setup is an inexpensive solution, I have a couple of concerns.


You have six 6 outlet AC strips piggy backed and then secured onto the rear of the case. These are all potential shock hazards.


Commercial carts and cabinets enclose and lock their AC connections for safety concerns. They may be expensive, but safety is a major factor in their development.

There are excellent storage and charging carts that will accomodate all handheld readers. They may be expensive (around $12000, for a 20-30 unit cart, but they are worth the money.

John J Caprice / Visualedtech

Yes, we reconfigured the wiring so as to alleviate the safety concerns. This card catalog cabinet is housed in my office area, which is not in the main library, so we do not have to secure it, and we have no need to make this cabinet portable. There are very very few school libraries that can afford to purchase new cabinets for eReaders - many of us are trying to stay afloat with budget cuts. Your company (VisualedTech.com) makes some nice cabinets, and this could be a good solution for those who need portability and have the funds available.

Dear Linn,

Just concerned over the AC hookup. It appears that you are using the standard kindle, and they just fit.


I'm woking on some less expesive alternative staorage and charging solutions.


Thanks for the reassuring response!




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