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After receving Nook Simple Touches, my colleagues and I are discussing about cataloging. Within the records, we are not sure whether to catalog the titles and authors of the books that are on a specific Nook under the 700 or the 730 tag (and also what subtitles to add to them too). We have seen some many different options so we are not sure what to do.

Also, we wanted to put in the 530 tag into the physical book titles to let students know that that particular title is also on the Nook but we noticed that when putting in that specific tag with a record that maybe the middle and high school both own that it will show up in both records. Is there another tag we could use or a way (other than making specific records for the book) we could add that into the physical book record?

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I wound up using a 505 tag for the titles and authors. I looked at the title list on my Nooks to be "contents" rather than "added entries."

As for the 530 tag, perhaps had a sub tag that says which campus it's available on. Or, rather than a 530 tag, make a local note in the 900 tag.

Hi, Allison,

I don't know which library automation system you are using, but for those who use Destiny Library Manager as a district (not a single school/1 catalog only district), I would recommend using local MARC fields so that the information is not lost in any kind of manual or district-level title record merge that may occur.  It's not by-the-book MARC by any means, but it may preserve a lot of work should there be more than 1 Nook record in a district that are manually or globally but inadvertently merged.

For example, instead of using the 505 Contents Note, use a 590 Local Note to enter the contents of a Nook.  For example:

Contents of Nook 1, HS Library: Adventures of Tom Sawyer / Mark Twain -- Hunger games / Suzanne Collins -- Catching fire / Suzanne Collins -- Mockingjay / Suzanne Collins -- Pride and prejudice / Jane Austen -- Scarlet letter / Nathaniel Hawthorne -- Tale of two cities / Charles Dickens -- The time machine / H. G. Wells -- Wuthering heights / Emily Bronte -- Eragon / Christopher Paolini -- Eldest / Christopher Paolini -- Brisingr / Christopher Paolini -- The maze runner / James Dashner -- The scorch trials / James Dashner -- The death cure / James Dashner -- Inheritance / Christopher Paolini -- The lost hero / Rick Riordan -- The son of neptune / Rick Riordan -- The lightning thief / Rick Riordan -- The sea of monsters / Rick Riordan -- The titan's curse / Rick Riordan -- The last Olympian / Rick Riordan -- The battle of the labyrinth / Rick Riordan


For title entries to allow for Title-based searches in Destiny Library Manager, there is no alternative local 79X field available, but having the contents in the 590/Local Note field will at least prevent the loss of contents information that Destiny users enter and will allow for Keyword (or Power) searching to find out which Nook includes a title a person might want.

In one district that has recently cataloged Nooks, they are trying to maintain separate records for their Nooks in Destiny, so they've added a school abbreviation after the title (e.g., Nook Simple Touch HS) to prevent the records from being merged, but even so, they're using the 590 Local Note field just in case. In their situation with having separate Nook records, they could use the 530 idea you mentioned, but I would suggest an additional 590 (Local Note) again for that purpose in the print record for the same possible loss of data issue should imports, Alliance Plus recons, mergers, etc. merge print records that include this helpful Nook-based information.


I'm hoping that Follett Software Company never does away with protecting/preserving local fields like the 590 Local Note or the 690 Local Subject in Destiny because it saves a lot of heartache and re-entry of information when inadvertent record mergers occur!


Happy new school year, everyone!




Here is the procedure that we use after exploring various options:

Go to Nook record

  • add 505 tag
  • add 0 to first indicator
  • add 0 to second indicator
  • add t subfield: title space -- space
  • add r subfield: first name last name.

This produced a nice list on the Nook record:

  • Contents: The Scorpio races -- Maggie Stiefvater.
  • Contents: The hunger Games (hunger games series #1) -- Suzanne Collins.
  • Contents: Catching fire (hunger games series #2) -- Suzanne Collins.
  • Contents: Mockingjay (hunger games series #3) -- Suzanne Collins.
  • Contents: Defending Jacob -- William Landay.
  • Contents: The butterfly clues -- Kate Ellison.
  • Contents: The crank trilogy -- Ellen Hopkins.
  • Contents: Sean Griswold's head -- Lindsey Leavitt.
  • Contents: Starters -- Lissa Price.
  • Contents: The space between -- Brenna Yovanoff.
  • Contents: Enclave -- Ann Aguirre.

For cataloging the Nook books for which there is already a print copy in the record:

  • duplicate title for books already in the collection
  • change ISBN (see Barnes & Noble)
  • change material type to Electronic Book
  • delete size
  • add 655 tag subfield a: Nook book.

When students search a title, Hunger Games for example, three results appear: the print copy, the Nook book, and the Nook on which the ebook title has been placed.

As for subtitles, we did not like how books with subtitles appeared like this: Excalibur [electronic resource]: the legend of King Arthur. So we put both the title and subtitle in the 245, subfield a. Now it appears Excalibur : the legend of King Arthur [electronic resource].

There's an excellent "Ask Ms. MARC" post from Follett about cataloging e-readers and their contents here: http://tinyurl.com/cyc7y8s


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