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More and more I read about schools adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. Schools often blend this approach as a way of expanding the number of "smart" devices in the building on a daily basis, even as they continue to invest in e-readers, netbooks, laptops, and tablets. If your school is a BYOD school, we want to hear your story! Or maybe your school is contemplating making this move; what are the key issues under debate? Or maybe you just have an opinion. We want to hear it!

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Our school district is now a BYOD district. We have a separate login into the network if you have your own phone or tablet (or Kindle/Nook). When you connect, it asks for a username and password, which is the same username and password staff and students use to login to the computer. As a librarian, I'm THRILLED that we are finally moving that way. I have asked my principal to allow my high school library to be a technology zone -- which means that students can use their phones, tablets, laptops, Kindles, Nooks, all without retribution from the staff. I see the library as being a place to be able to create information -- not just consume it. This, along with a makerspace in the library, will encourage that to start happening. 

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Lorie, it sounds like a lively place. Have there been any developments during the year?


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