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I just got 60 Kindles for my International School Library...see the attached PDF of a Power Point I created about how we processed and organized them.  I have made some tweaks that are not on this document.

I did a ton of research and relied heavily on Buffy Hamilton's experience.

If you want to contact me, my email address is: jalevy@lsnepal.com

Jennifer Alevy

Head Librarian

Lincoln School

Kathmandu, Nepal

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To update, the Kindle programs is up and running pretty smoothly, albeit extremely labor intensive. 

Here are are some changes I would make if I were ever to do this again.  I would label the 10 Kindle groups I set up with Amazon with letters and not numbers, those got confusing with the Kindle numbers.  I would use shorter Kindle email addresses and Amazon group names. I would have a set of extras for spares in case ones break or need fixing. Maybe remove the 6 for book club.  The teachers/classes really like using them, the upper elem and middle school-ers love them for individual checkout.  I added a due date slip on the inside cover to remind students when they are due. I also added a slip of paper for them to write down the books they read, so we could keep track of them. The text to read and xray is great.  Cataloging has been an issue, we resorted to creating an original mark record for each book for each Kindle set, because we check out the Kindle not the book.  I added the Kindle number set to the title for each. That way the students can ask for Kindles 1-6 or 7-12, etc.  I also created a waiting list for each Kindle set, so as soon as a Kindle is returned it is charged and ready for the next of the list.  I also created a page on the library website with each Kindle set and a list of books on each one:



And, I am seriously thinking of moving to OverDrive....to use my time more wisely.  60 is ALOT of Kindles. 

Happy to answer any questions you may have.



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